PowerShell script to traverse through folders and output the names to a text file

This simple PowerShell Script goes through a folder and its sub-folders, looking for specific types of files, and then it outputs those file names, size, directory and age to a text file.

You can easily deploy this script using Group Policies for an Active Directory user.

You can download the complete script here –> UserFilesPSScript.

  • @{Name=”Kbytes”;Expression={ “{0:N0}” -f ($_.Length / 1Kb) }}
    This will display the file sizes in Kbytes rather than in bytes. If you want to keep the script simple, you could have just used “size” instead of all that.
  • @{Name=”Age”;Expression={ (((Get-Date) – $_.CreationTime).Days) }}
    This will give you the difference between the current date and the file creation date in days.
  • format-table -wrap
    -wrap option will wrap long strings like Directory and Name, otherwise you won’t see the complete string in your text file.

You can easily deploy this via a GPO by navigating to User Configuration / Policies / Windows Settings / Scripts (Logon/Logoff) / Logon –> PowerShell Scripts

I hope this will help someone out there. Good Luck.

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