Work from anywhere using Modern Desktop.

A modern desktop is powered by Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus and is always up to date with insights and security powered by the cloud. After years of refinements, we believe this is the most productive and secure computing experience for businesses. Not only does it provide the richest user experience, it also helps IT better manage devices and data, with lower costs.

Combination of Windows 10 Professional (or Enterprise) and Office 365 ProPlus makes the desktop modern, secure and easy to manage. Windows 10 comes with enterprise level security like Windows Hello which you can use to unlock your device using biometrics like your fingerprint, face or iris. This makes it encouraging for you to have a strong password as you don’t need to keep entering it all the time as you can look at your gorgeous Windows 10 device and it will unlock for you.

Office 365 ProPlus gives you the access to the most popular Microsoft Office desktop apps like Excel, Word, Outlook, Publisher, Access, PowerPoint and OneNote. 

When you combine Modern Desktop with Office 365 Cloud Services like OneDrive for Business and SharePoint, it becomes a Modern Workplace where you are empowered to work with your team mates from anywhere in the world.